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People of diverse professions or skills gather in small groups.


  • Somebody, or every group member, estimates

    • how much should be produced for the group next week, month, etcetera and

    • how long the group should be working the next week, month, etcetera. This is the maximum group labour time.

  • Every individual reports how many goods he or she expects to be needing the next week, month, etcetera.

​Time pooling

  • Each employer (client) records the labour time of his or her employee (assistant.)


  • People who reported the least goods get their portion first. (Whoever has truly greater needs may get an "objective" priority.) The “effort” is the person’s labour time as a fraction of the potential labour time. It is a weight for determining how many goods the person gets in times of scarcity…

  • …except when the person’s labour time exceeds the maximum group labour time for that period. This unaccounted labour time is not lost because it counts for longer periods of time.

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